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Effect of Different Date of Sowing and Nitrogen Level on Production of Direct Seeded Rice
American Journal of Food Science and Nutrition
Vol.6 , No. 1, Publication Date: Jun. 19, 2019, Page: 1-5
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Mohan Mahato, Department of Agronomy, Prithu Technical College, T.U., Dang, Nepal.


Bibek Gautam, Department of Agronomy, Prithu Technical College, T.U., Dang, Nepal.


Rajesh Kunwar, Department of Agronomy, Prithu Technical College, T.U., Dang, Nepal.


Darbin Joshi, CIMMYT International, Kathmandu, Nepal.


A field experiment to evaluate the growth, yield and yield attributing components of direct seeded rice was conducted under different date of sowing and nitrogen level at Dang, Nepal during rainy season from June to September, 2017. The experiment was laid out in to Randomized Complete Block Design with three replication consisting three date of sowing (5th June, 20th June and 5th July) and four level Nitrogen (0 kg N ha-1, 80 kg N ha-1, 100 kg N ha-1 and 120 kg N ha-1). The results revealed that the 20th June sowing date recorded the highest plant height (112.2 cm) at the time of harvesting, effective tiller m-2 (225.0), longest panicle length (27.4 cm), grain yield (3.3 t ha-1) and straw yield (5.0 t ha-1). The sowing date 5th June recorded the highest sterile grain panicle-1. Whereas filled grain panicle-1, thousand grain weight were non-significant with different date of sowing. Regarding the nitrogen level, 120 kg N ha-1 recorded the highest plant height (112.4 cm) at the time of harvesting, effective tillers m-2 (254.9), filled grain panicle-1 (121.5), grain yield (3.2 t ha-1) and straw yield (5.3 t ha-1). Whereas the thousand grain weight and harvest index were not affected by the different level of Nitrogen. The interaction between the sowing date and nitrogen level showed the significant effect on grain yield and harvest index whereas other parameters showed non-significant relation. The 20th June with 120 kg N ha-1 recorded the highest grain yield (4.5 t ha-1) and harvest index (41.5%).


DSR, Sowing Date, N Level


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