Professional Recognition

In today's fast-paced world it's often easy to forget about the importance of professionalism. The first and foremost benefit of membership is the professional recognition being a member of the AASCIT. Membership is for those that not only know their stuff (and don't misrepresent this), but also commit to continued professional and personal growth and development and active participation in the community of science and technology professionals.

Who can join AASCIT?

People who have an interest or job within AASCIT-designated fields can join AASCIT.

How long is a membership?

At present all memberships are 12 months, starting from the date the membership is processed.

What are the benefits of membership?

The benefits of membership can be broken down into seven categories: keeping technically current, professional mentoring and networking opportunities, career development, learning & development, financial benefits, professional recognition, ongoing professional development. Please click here for complete details.

What types of memberships are there?

There are five types of individual membership: Student Member, Member, Senior Member, Distinguished Member and Fellow.

I have not gotten what I wanted from AASCIT. I'd like my dues refunded.

AASCIT prohibits refunding dues for any reason when a membership terminates.

Do I have to have an accredited degree?

Accreditation is useful because it gives you and the university an assurance that graduates will meet the learning requirements, but other degrees may well give the necessary learning. If your degree isn't accredited, we'll ask you for some information about it so that we can judge whether it meets the requirements.

Should I pay taxes when purchasing membership?

Membership dues are not taxable.