[Mar. 22, 2016]   Become AASCIT Life Members
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As a platform for global academic communication, now AASCIT is recruiting AASCIT Life Members, to advance the knowledge of science and technology, and to foster the exchange of ideas and information among researchers.

The application processing time is from Mar. 20, 2016 to Sep. 20, 2016. Membership Dues of Life Member is 100USD. As an AASCIT Life Member, you can enjoy below benefits:
1.Publish one paper for Free in any of AASCIT journals within the next six months.
2.Publish the other paper for Free in one of some recommended journals within the next six months. For the details of these journals, please click here.
3.Enjoy 50% discount to publish papers in any of AASCIT journals within the next three years.
4.Enjoy 60% discount to publish one paper on the second Monday of October, Life Members Day.
5.Participate some activities or conferences in some countries which will be coordinately organize by AASCIT to exchange knowledge and ideas.

Here are processes of applying for being an AASCIT Life Member:

Step 1: Apply for Being an AASCIT Life Member

A: Please visit http://www.aascit.org/common/login to click “Create Your AASCIT Account” to register if you never registered before.
B: After creating an account, please login with your username and password.
C: Click "Membership" on the top menu and select "Membership Application".
D: Choose "Life Member" and fill out the application form as per the requirements.
E: Submit.

Step 2: Receive AASCIT Life Member Acceptance Letter

Once your application is received, you will receive notification of the results within a week. If your application is approved, the information for your membership dues will be sent.

Step 3: Pay for Membership Dues

Please go to Membership Application page under Membership menu to pay membership due within 20 days and kindly send a copy of receipt along with your membership number to membership@aascit.org after payment. You will get a confirmation letter from AASCIT within one week after you make the payment.

Step 4: Activate Membership Number

After you make the payment, your Membership Number will be activated and the Membership Certificate will be sent to you.

We warmly encourage you to join us as AASCIT Life Members and submit your valuable papers to our journals.

To submit a paper, please pay a visit to: