[Nov. 12, 2014]   Call for Reviewers/Editorial Board Members
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AASCIT is seeking individuals with diverse areas of expertise to serve as peer reviewers to evaluate papers submitted to AASCIT journals. Thank you for your interest in serving as a journal Reviewer. The peer review process used by AASCIT enhances the efficiency and maximizes the quality of the paper.

A reviewer's responsibilities include reviewing manuscripts for clarity, accuracy, and research rigor; identifying the strengths and weaknesses of manuscripts; providing authors with specific, detailed comments on how to improve their manuscripts; and, ultimately, providing recommendations for accepting or rejecting manuscripts for publication.

Comments from reviewers to authors are expected to be detailed and contain scholarly feedback about the strengths, weaknesses, relevance, and importance of the research to the field.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please submit your application through our online system: http://www.aascit.org/common/login