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Record Values from Size-Biased Half Normal Distribution: Properties and Recurrence Relations for the Single and Product Moments
American Journal of Computation, Communication and Control
Vol.5 , No. 1, Publication Date: Jan. 8, 2018, Page: 1-6
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Shakila Bashir, Department of Statistics, Forman Christian College a Chartered University, Lahore, Pakistan.


Mujahid Rasul, Department of Statistics, Forman Christian College a Chartered University, Lahore, Pakistan.


In this paper the size-biased form of half normal distribution is considered for upper record values that can be used only for non-negative values. Some properties of the UR-SHND as cdf, mean, variance, skewness, kurtosis, mode, Shannon entropy, survival function, hazard function have been derived. The joint pdf of the UR-SHND is developed and covariance of the joint upper record values is derived. It is concluded that there is positive correlation between upper record values from SHND. Some recurrence relations for the single and product moments are developed. These relations can be used to derive the moments of the UR-SHND in a simple recursive manner.


pdf, cdf, SHND, UR-SHND, SHANNON Entropy, Recurrence Relations, Hazard Function


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