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American Journal of Computation, Communication and Control  
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Two Theorems on Lower Defect Groups
American Journal of Computation, Communication and Control
Vol.3 , No. 2, Publication Date: Nov. 5, 2016, Page: 10-14
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Lijiang Zeng, Research Centre of Zunyi Normal College, Zunyi, China.


In mathematics, in applied science, even in the natural sciences, group theory has irreplaceable important position. In this article, we introduce derivation process of lower defect groups of group theory through large number of data, at first, some notations about rings, groups, characters of group first, and the using these notations prove some properties of them. Finally we give out the definitions of lower defect group, and prove two interesting theorems about lower defect groups.


Conjugate Class, Lower Defect Group, Primitive Idempotent, Brauer Homomorphism


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