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A Non-Isothermal Reacting MHD Flow over a Stretching Sheet Through a Saturated Porous Medium
American Journal of Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Vol.4 , No. 1, Publication Date: Mar. 6, 2019, Page: 1-10
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Benjamin Aina Peter, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Kamapala International University, Kampala, Uganda.


Amos Wale Ogunsola, Departmentof Pure and Applied Mathematics, University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.


Anthony Ejeh Itodo, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Kamapala International University, Kampala, Uganda.


Idowu Sabiki Adebola, Departmentof Mathematical Sciences, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria.


Mundu Muhamad Mustapha, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Kamapala International University, Kampala, Uganda.


Non-Newtonian fluid flow in porous media has variety of usefulness and applications in various fields of human endeavours. This work is aimed at studying non-isothermal reacting MHD flow with a view of investigating the detailed effects of various physical parameters of a stretching sheet through a saturated porous medium. In this work, variable thermal conductivity on a radiative MHD boundary layer flow of an incompressible, viscous, and electrically fluid over a non-isothermal stretching sheet through a saturated porous medium is considered. It is assumed that the fluid has chemical and react satisfying Arrhenius law. The governing partial differential equations were transformed into ordinary differential equations in terms of suitable similarity variable. Galerkin weighted residual method is employed to solve the resulting non-linear equation. The results showed the effects of variable thermal conductivity parameter, radiation parameter, Frank-Kamenetskii parameter, magnetic parameter, Prandtl number and Schmidt number on the system of flow. The effects of various physical parameters on the flow system were reported graphically. It is concluded from the analysis of the problem that thermal radiation parameter, thermal conductivity parameter and the Prandtl number greatly affect the mass flow and the energy transfer phenomena in the system.


Thermal Conductivity, Weighted Residual Method, Arrhenius Reaction, Radiative MHD Boundary Layer, Electric Fluid


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