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AASCIT Communications | Volume 1, Issue 3 | Nov. 10, 2014 online | Page:104-110
Analytical Solutions for Quark Stars with Anisotropy
In this paper, we found new exact solutions to the Einstein- Maxwell system of equations within the framework of MIT Bag Model considering a particular form for the measure of anisotropy and a gravitational potential which depends on an adjustable parameter α. Variables as the energy density, radial pressure, tangential pressure, electric field intensity and the metric functions are written in terms of elementary and polinominal functions. We show that the form chosen for the gravitational potential and the anisotropy allows obtain physically acceptable solutions with any value of the adjustable parameter.
Manuel Malaver, Universidad Marítima del Caribe, Departamento de Ciencias Básicas, Catia la Mar, Venezuela.
Gravitational Potential, Adjustable Parameter, Einstein-Maxwell System, Energy Density, Measure of Anisotropy, MIT Bag Model
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Arcticle History
Submitted: Sep. 10, 2014
Accepted: Oct. 13, 2014
Published: Nov. 10, 2014
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