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Editorial Members
Recruitment of Editorial Members
AASCIT Communications invites self-enthusiastic and experienced faculty and researchers worldwide to be the part of its editorial team. It welcomes those faculty and researchers as the editors who have patience and sufficient time to edit/review a research paper strictly. Please note that it is a voluntary activity and no financial remuneration will be given to the editor. If you think that you are the right person that AASCIT Communications is looking for, please click here.
Recruitment of Reviewers
Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation
of the journal. Reviewers and Editorial Members determine which works are of quality and significance, AASCIT Communications welcomes you to join us as a reviewer.
The American Association for Science and Technology (AASCIT) is a not-for-profit association
of scientists from all over the world dedicated to advancing the knowledge of science and technology and its related disciplines, fostering the interchange of ideas and information among investigators.
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