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AASCIT Communications | Volume 2, Issue 5 | Jul. 13, 2015 online | Page:164-173
General Existence & Motion Patterns of Matter in Cosmos
Motion status and variation of all state variables of matter system radically depend on PNT performance of instinctive covariant equilibrium between d(M → m) and d(M ← m). If d(M → m)=d(M ← m) =certain constant, absolute spacetime momentum “m*V=d(M ← m)*Y” of matter system keeps constant and matter system keeps inertial motion state. If d(M → m)≠d(M ← m), as presence of PNT equilibrium instinct of matter system, d(M → m) and d(M ← m) of matter system will spontaneously equilibrate toward new balance of d(M → m)=d(M ← m)=new constant. And as instinctive covariant equilibrium variation of d(M ← m), m and Y, absolute spacetime momentum "m*V=d(M←m)*Y"⟺"V=(d(M⟵m)*Y)⁄m" of matter system change accordingly, matter system arises acceleration in accordance with instinctive equilibrium between d(M → m) and d(M ← m). If PNT performance of mater system arises continuous periodic circulation of d(M → m)>d(M ← m) and d(M → m)
Guosheng yang, Physics Department, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.
Waveform Motion, Time, Light-Speed, Relativity
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Arcticle History
Submitted: Jun. 11, 2015
Accepted: Jun. 26, 2015
Published: Jul. 13, 2015
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