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AASCIT Communications | Volume 2, Issue 4 | Jul. 7, 2015 online | Page:156-158
Data to the Circulation of Energy and Substance on the Earth Between 1850 and 2015
During the last decades the number of man kind and oxen, the quantity of energetic raw materials and energies used, that of the CO2 and heat liberated from the raw materials and emitted by human beings and cows as well as the quantity of methane which partly originated from that animals, further the average temperature of our Earth and total concentration of CO2 as well as methane in the atmosphere have increased. In the same time the territory of the forests has decreased. The data presented verify that the changes which are unpleasant for the biological life have gone on in a growing degree in the closed Bio-sphere. These events show that our actions to modify the dangerous processes have not been effective enought.
Béla Ralovich, Ministry of Welfare, Budapest, Hungary (retired).
Bio-sphere, Closed System, Energies, Substances, Population, Ineffective Efforts
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Arcticle History
Submitted: May 14, 2015
Accepted: Jun. 5, 2015
Published: Jul. 7, 2015
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