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AASCIT Communications | Volume 2, Issue 5 | Jul. 29, 2015 online | Page:200-204
Pelleting of Molybdenite Concentrate with Organic-Mineral Binder
Technology of production of the pyrite cinders of Mo middlings includes granulation, firing to oxidize sulfide minerals and to recover Re-oxide. If kaolin is used a dilution of the pyrite cinders with Mo takes place. The research is devoted to the development of alternative to kaolin organic binding agents. The approach is based on a comparison of hydrophilic, strength & technological characteristics of pellets. The new batch was developed differing from the traditional mixture with organic additive burning to the ground and minimizing Mo dilution, maximizing Re, Au, Ag hydrometallurgical recovery.
Vitaliy P. Guro, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of sciences, Tashkent city, Uzbekistan.
Farhod M. Yusupov, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of sciences, Tashkent city Uzbekistan.
Matluba A. Ibragimova, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of sciences, Tashkent city Uzbekistan.
Mo Concentrate, Cinder, Kaolin, Organic Polymer, Granulation
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Arcticle History
Submitted: Mar. 30, 2015
Accepted: Jul. 17, 2015
Published: Jul. 29, 2015
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